What Insurance Agents Say About Michael Jans

663% revenue growth with a 95% client retention since working with Michael. BOOM..like magic! He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Mike Mathisen

President, Colorado Insurance

“Michael’s marketing systems and ideas have transformed our family-owned business! Our niche market has exploded! And truly the best part is our pipeline is full of qualified prospects that reach out to us! Goodbye cold calling! Hello, 30%+ annual growth!

Marc Peterson

President, CIC American Advantage – Peterson Group

From 500 policies to $3,000,000 in revenue – thanks to Michael Jans. He’s changed my entire family’s lives!”

Mike Alexander

President, ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.

"Michael Jans isn’t just the best marketer in the insurance industry. He’s our best philosopher. Pay attention to what he is saying."

Jeff Rounds, Libke Insurance

"Michael Jans is the father of modern insurance marketing."

Brian Appleton, Founder & CEO, The Insurance Agent Summit

"You can trust Michael Jans to tell the truth. Especially when we don’t want to hear it. As much as it hurts, pay attention. The future of the agency force depends on it."

Brian Barrick, Nonprofit Insurance Services, PA

"Michael's marketing systems and ideas have transformed our family-own business! Our niche market has exploded! And truly the best part is our pipeline is full of qualified prospects that reach out to us! Goodbye cold calling!"

Marc Peterson, President, CIC American Advantage - Peterson Group

“Michael, just wanted you to know that in the ten months I have been with you… I have grown 20%. I have only taken three small ideas and put them in place. I can’t wait to see what happens when I implement more.”

Ted Hamm, Ted Hamm Insurance

“This program has been worth millions to me – I really mean that! … I’ve got a sales letter that’s earned me over $57,357.00. I've had campaigns earn me $1000 for every dollar invested! I'm I’m not kidding. This is the crème de la crème for agents who want to make money in this industry!”

Mike Carroll, Carroll Insurance Group

“I was working 60 hours a week in the agency and had no idea why. Now I devote 8 – 10 hours a week to agency business and nearly doubled my personal income this year.

Joe Hagan, Jr., Hagan-Walker Inc.

“Four years ago I was working 65 hours a week, taking whatever person came in the door and literally was six months from being out of business. Michael, since I implemented your strategies, our agency revenue has more than doubled. Most importantly, I am only working 30-35 hours a week. My family and I give you our deepest thanks.”

George Brinson, Insurance Pros LLC

“I just closed the year-end books and total income up 30%. I have only implemented a small portion of all the stuff I’ve learned from Michael. THIS STUFF WORKS!”

Kevin McGrath, Kevin McGrath Insurance

What Mastermind Members Say About Michael Jans

“These are the most important conversations I have about our agency throughout the year. There is power in proximity - being closest to some of the best in the business.”

Neil Robertson

The dynamics of the group is powerful! Time well spent. I always leave with something for my agency and have some personal growth.”

Richard Savino

“If you’re not a member of Michael’s program, do it...do it now!

Michael Mathisen

“The depth of knowledge and expertise pertaining to operating an insurance agency and marketing to the insurance consumer is amazing in the group. It starts with Michael and continues with each member that is willing to share.

Jason Chapman

I love the atmosphere created by the diversity of people. Those who have legacy agencies, those stuck in the middle, and those blowing up the industry - we all have a common factor - everyone in the room wants to achieve our goals. The group is very supportive, even when being critical and vulnerable.

Sandro Hadjez

You can only do better when you know better. The other agency leaders at this mastermind help you to make real changes in your agency - to build systemic growth.”

Cheri Martinen

"A lot of groups, masterminds, and other organizations focus on gimics and shiny objects, but MDC discussions focus on strategy and trajectory.

Matt Davis

“There is value to being in a room where you are not the biggest, not the smallest, and not the smartest. But you are valued for your instincts much more. Thank you.”

Al Pappalardo

“Great mastermind! Very valuable, actionable items. All like-minded, growth-focused agents.”

Rick McEvoy

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