Michael’s Handpicked Top 3 Podcasts

I’ve interviewed over 220 of the top leaders, and learned a ton of new things from each. So much so, that it’s hard to pick ‘the three best,’ but these three offer a great breadth and depth of insight and success.

Special Podcast Guest: Bob Rusbuldt

Who could possibly have a better ‘bird’s eye’ view on the insurance industry than Bob Rusbuldt, President & CEO of the IIABA – the world’s largest agent trade association?

This Agency Grew From $1.5M-$100M

“I bought a small, $1.5 million premium book. We had an 85% retention rate. Now, we’re pushing $100 million in premium with a 93% retention.” Mike Mathisen shares key insights to Organic Growth.

The Independent Agent’s Future

Some thought leaders predict the future. Very few shape it. As CEO of one of the largest technology firms in insurance, Amy Zupon's work affects the business of countless independent insurance agents.

🎙 Latest Podcast Episodes

August 24, 2022

Agency Marketer Reflects on Past Successes with John Johnson

Every agency is seeking growth, and many are turning to professional marketers to help. This jam-packed episode turns to a seasoned agency marketer for insight. John Jackson, formerly the marketer at Alliance Insurance Services in North Carolina is now a copywriter and content creator for Agency Revolution clients. John looks back at his success at Alliance and shares what worked. 

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August 10, 2022

J.D. Powers Reveals Trends Agents Must Monitor and Understand with Martin Ellingsworth

Over his many years of observing and working in the insurance industry, Martin Ellingsworth has created innovation at almost every link in the P&C value chain. Now Marty holds a birds-eye view of the entire industry in his position as Executive Managing Director of P&C Insurance Intelligence at J.D. Power. 

In this important podcast, Marty directs his attention toward the independent agency channel and the trends that are changing their very business.

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July 20, 2022

Three Secrets About the Self-Scaling Insurance Agency with Michael Jans

Our host, Michael Jans, takes the mic to answer the question “Can an insurance agency grow by itself?” The Co-Founder and former CEO of Agency Revolution serves as a growth advisor to many of the largest and fastest growing insurance agencies and insurtechs in North America.

In this podcast, Michael pulls back the curtain on how his own fast-growth client agencies grow 25-40% or more per year.

If you’re serious about making growth easier and faster in the modern age, make this episode a priority!

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July 6, 2022

What 80,000 Insurance Consumers Told Bain & Company About Our Industry with Darci Darnell

You know insurance is changing. So do consumers—and it shouldn’t surprise you that they want it to change. They don’t want it to be slow, frustrating, or confusing. 

Few people know the insurance consumer better than our guest, Darci Darnell, Partner and Global Head of Customer Practice at Bain & Company. Bain’s insight on the relationship between the industry and the modern consumer is legendary. 

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June 9, 2022

Head of IBM Insurance Shares Important Research with Mark McLaughlin

Market forces continue to shift and agents who want to thrive in the future must be ready for change as the market demands it. Our guest, Mark McLaughlin, IBM’s General Manager of Insurance, reveals the direction their research shows the wind is blowing—and the response agency principals must have today.

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May 18, 2022

ParagraphNational PIA Survey Reveals Major Agency Trends with Mike Becker

“Agents aren’t going away. In fact, they’re stronger than ever, but...” But WHAT?! That’s the crux of this podcast interview. The industry is changing fast. Savvy agents will take a few key steps now in order to thrive then.

James Benham, Co-FounderCEO and Co-Founder of leading insurtech, JBKnowledge freely shares his insight - and surprises - from over 20 years of creating and dishing out technology that’s used thousands of times a day throughout the industry.

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April 27, 2022

Cyber Expert Predicts Emerging Threats and Opportunities with Jack Kudale

If you’re reading this, you can’t ‘unsee’ the looming threat to your small and medium business clients. Jack Kudale, Founder & CEO of Cowbell - arguably the leader in cyber insurance for SMBs - has the bird’s-eye view on the critical trends in cyber risks.

His company monitors 23 million US based businesses for cyber threats. (That means they likely monitor three out of every four of your commercial lines customers.) And he doesn’t like what he sees.

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April 6, 2022

How Agents Can Sell More Virtually with Steve Brossman

For the insurance producer, COVID claimed a reliable marketing tool—in-person meetings. Agents were forced to communicate online; some figured it out, some hated it, and many were in-between. Now, a series of best practices can make online selling a high-leverage (and easy-to-use) avenue that saves time and boosts conversion rates. In this workshop-style episode, Amazon best-selling author, international sales trainer, and Founder and CEO of The Authority Factor, Steve Brossman, shares his method for the mastery of online selling.

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March 23, 2022

Making Insurance Better for the Customer with Jeff Harris

Years ago, this tech entrepreneur groaned at the sight of the insurance application process. So he decided to do something about it. 250,000 users later, Jeff Harris, Co-Founder, and CEO of Appulate can claim some progress. Founded 17 years ago, Appulate is one of the industry’s earliest insurtechs and one of the most widely distributed today.

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March 9, 2022

Could This be the Future of the Insurance Agency? with Aaron Gordon

Our guest Aaron Gordon is a second-generation insurance agent with 11 years in his family’s agency in Manhattan—and is rapidly becoming a leading voice for millennials in the insurance industry. Aaron has something to say to boomers as well as younger generations: “The future is bright.” However, there’s a big “but” attached to that optimism. Listen to hear Aaron share insights on what to know about recruiting and retaining talent today.

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February 16, 2022

National PIA Survey Reveals Major Agency Trends with Mike Becker

The Industry is changing, consumer behavior is changing, and so are agencies. But how well are today’s agents keeping up with market trends? What about your agency? Our guest, Mike Becker, CEO of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents will help answer this question and share the results from the just-release 2022 Annual Independent Agent Survey. PIA and National Underwriter worked together to ask thousands of agents the questions we need to get our finger on the “state of the agency” today.

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