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Hello, I’m Michael Jans. I work with retail agents, insurtechs, MGAs, carriers, and vendors to the IA system. My clients are the fastest growing in the industry.

Why is that? Because we follow a proven path & plan. Plus, I’ve done it myself as an agency president, as an insurtech founder & CEO, and as a trainer.

For 25+ years, I’ve delivered organic growth strategies to the independent agency channel. Many of my clients have grown 10X.

Care to grow faster?

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RETAIL AGENTS: Answer 5 simple questions and see where your agency stands based on my proprietary The 5 Levels of the Modern Insurance Agency scoring system. And, I’ll show you how to get to The Next Level. For free.

Learn 13 Tips On Organic Growth From My Client, Marc Peterson, Who Grew 30%+ For Four Years In A Row

I recently interviewed my client, Marc Petersen, President of American Advantage – Petersen Group. His agency niche has grown 30% per year – four years in a row. I’ve plucked 13 juicy plums from that conversation – and I’d like to share them with you.

What Clients Said About Michael Jans

“663% revenue growth with a 95% client retention since working with Michael. BOOM..like magic! He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Mike Mathisen

President, Colorado Insurance

“Michael’s marketing systems and ideas have transformed our family-owned business! Our niche market has exploded! And truly the best part is our pipeline is full of qualified prospects that reach out to us! Goodbye cold calling! Hello, 30%+ annual growth!”

Marc Peterson

President, CIC American Advantage – Peterson Group

“From 500 policies to $3,000,000 in revenue – thanks to Michael Jans. He’s changed my entire family’s lives!”

Mike Alexander

President, ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc.

See where your agency stands in The 5 Levels of the Modern Insurance Agency.

What Level are you? Answer 5 simple questions. See where your agency stands in our proprietary 5 Levels of the Modern Insurance Agency scoring system. And, I’ll show you how to get to The Next Level. For free.

What are The 5 Levels of the Modern Insurance Agency?

Quite simply, it's a reliable path & plan to scale the independent agency in the modern age of insurance. If you’re looking for fast, easy and reliable growth, start here. 5 quick questions. 93% accuracy.

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