Here's A Little Bit About Me

Independent Agent Magazine called me ‘the insurance marketing maven.’

Professional Agent Magazine called me ‘the insurance marketing guru.’

The founder of The Insurance Agent’s Summit called me ‘the father of modern insurance marketing.’

But, it’s more important what my clients have to say. Like Richard Hauswirth, who said, ‘Michael, you’ve made me and a lot of other agents millionaires.’

If you’re here and you’ve been in the industry for a while, it’s very likely you know my name. It’s not unlikely that we’ve worked together. 

Or, perhaps, I’ve had some influence on your thinking. 

But, there are a few things about me, as a person that you may want to know about. Especially, the ‘hidden’ side of Michael Jans.

I’ve had hard times

I care enough to be critical

I’m not just ‘Mr. Insurance Marketing.’

I have a rich and wonderful life outside of insurance. (That’s one reason I only accept a very small number of private clients.)

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