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The Insurance Agency Leadership Challenge

Whether you’re recruiting talent or guiding your agency to new strategies, your business demands the clarity, vision, and direction of a strong leader. 

In this conversation, Jim Kouzes delivers straight talk to agency principals. Jim is the author of The Leadership Challenge, a WSJ Best-Seller and Fast Company’s Best Business Book of the year. Jim was declared one of the twelve best educators in the U.S.

In this eye-opening discussion, Jim shares:

  • A 5-step model to becoming a stronger, better, and more respected leader for your team and customers
  • The best actions to take as the industry changes faster and presents new challenges
  • The top qualities that research reveals teams want most from their leaders

Challenging times call on us to be our best, and the success of your business rests on rising to the challenge. Be sure to listen in as Jim delivers actionable answers to help guide your agency to a strong and profitable future.

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