How This Agency Grew From $1.5 Million To $100 Million

“I bought a small, $1.5 million premium book. We had an 85% retention rate. Now, we’re pushing $100 million in premium with a 93% retention.” Mike Mathisen, President, Colorado Insurance, made a few key, strategic decisions in the year 2000.

21 years and almost $99 million in new premium later, Mike looks back and shares key insights to the secrets of super-high Organic Growth:

  • The method Mike uses to keep his team focused on key growth indicators
  • Mike’s strategy to achieve high retention on a super-sized book of business
  • His twist on the traditional structure to turn his agency into an policy selling machine

If you want proven growth strategies, this may be the most important conversation you’ve heard in a long time. Get inspired with proven, practical strategies.

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