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3-2-1: How To Achieve Maximum Growth In 2022, Three Components Of A Successful Broker, And A New Video For You

Written by: Michael Jans



Santa’s around the corner.

Just when you know it’s time to plan your 2022 for more growth, Santa has you running to department stores and watching the Hallmark channel and all-around relaxing your business mind.

Fair enough. We work to live. Not the other way around.

But, really…do you have your Growth Plan in place for 2022?

I’ve studied what makes some agencies grow faster than others for more than 25 years. I’ve come to ONE startlingly powerful conclusion.

They do things differently. (Or, from another angle, they do different things.)

As obvious as that is, nothing happens until that hits you like a pie in the face.

The same must be said about 2021 vs. 2022. If you want MORE growth in 2022, what will you do differently?

In 2022, what will you do to:

  • Generate a more reliable stream of high-quality leads?
  • Increase the conversion of those leads?
  • Increase revenue-per-customer?
  • Boost retention?

Answer those four questions, one at a time.

But, what if you don’t know the answer? That’s common. And, takes a little courage to admit.

Then, ask one more question: what will you do to LEARN the best practices for Maximum Organic Growth in 2022? It may be the most important question of the year. Join a mastermind group? Join a coaching program? Learn on your own?

I made 7 Predictions for Insurance Marketing in 2022 a couple of weeks ago. Published here.

I can safely add one more. 80% of agencies will continue to grow at the paltry industry average or below-average rates. 20% will rise above the crowd. 4% of those will hit “scale-level” growth: 25% or more. 0% will do that by accident.

0%. Care to bet me on that?


I. “A lifelong career as a broker includes three elements, in my opinion. One element is your technical knowledge to really understand how insurance products work, why they work the way they do. The second component is your “industry know-how” because when talking to customers, they want to know that you can add value, because you understand the risks they have in their industry. And I think, the third component to be a lifelong successful broker is something which is new, which has never been requested before. But I think it is to become a thought leader.

— Susanne Chishti, Editor of The Insurtech Book, CEO of FINTECH Circle, and Investment Week’s “Social Media Influencer of the Year”

Michael’s Take: The emphasis is mine. While everyone in the industry declares the glory of digital marketing, I’ll stake my claim on a central point: digital marketing is very little about the cleverness of your technology and very, very much about what you say through that technology. The agency channel has always prided itself on a unique strength: expertise. Smart agents are realizing that digital platforms allow you to share that expertise to thousands. Not just one-at-a-time. So much more powerful than jumping in the market and shouting “buy from me!

II. “…the research shows and the purpose of Thought Leadership marketing is to create relationships with people who are predisposed to buy from you, predisposed to buy more from you, predisposed to pay more to you predisposed to be loyal to you and predisposed to refer to you and Thought Leadership Marketing is designed to simply make that easy for them to do by providing a an elegant, smooth funnel that guides them and moves them along.”

Michael Jans

Michael’s Take: Suzanne’s insight compelled me to review the transcript of one of my own podcasts. (I was referring to research performed by LinkedIn and Edelman.) Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of agents tell me they don’t “get marketing.” But, they do have expertise. They are authorities in their domain. They know that when they share that expertise with a client, they gain respect, trust and loyalty. When we know that’s how people respond to expertise and NOT share it with the marketplace, is a tragic loss of opportunity.


I. A Few Questions Answered About The Level 5 Mastermind

I shot a video for you. Seriously. I had a number of questions about the Level 5 Mastermind Program, so I answer them here

II. How to Make The Application Process Effortless (Podcast)

Nobody is a fan of the insurance application process, especially not your busy customers. Peter MacDonald, Cofounder, and CEO of Wunderite sees a better way to do things—where technology handles the heavy lifting to make life simpler for agents and customers alike.

In this robust discussion, Peter and Michael discuss:

  • How agencies can recruit and retain talent in a competitive job market
  • What agents are doing now to simplify the application process
  • Understanding the key triggers that drive people to purchase insurance
  • How agency principals should structure their technology buying process

If growing efficiently is a goal for your agency, make this conversation a priority and learn how agencies are solving stubborn industry problems. Listen to the episode here.

III. 13 Tips On Achieving 30% Growth A Year

In case you missed it, I interviewed fast-growth agent, Marc Petersen. He shared how his niche has grown 30% or more per year for four years in a row. After the interview, I scrutinized, studied and sifted through the transcripts – and plucked 13 juicy ‘plums’ of agency-growth wisdom. You can download my notes free here.

See you at the Next Level,


PS: Turkey, anyone? I left the desert and headed to San Diego for Thanksgiving. 13 of us. A joyful time. Over the years, many of my clients have met my family. Glad to say they’re still wonderful 😇

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